These unique Hobby Tools are ideal starter Metalworking Tools

*CHRISTMAS OFFER* The Ultimate Practical Lite Workshop Bundle ((SOLD OUT)



Practical RBR Tool,

Practical Punch/Shear Tool (with Spare Punch Pin),

Mk 1/2 Scroll Former,

& Metalcraft User Guide.


pack of 10 x 1.6mm steel (MC031)

Pack 6mm 3mm rivets

Pack 8mm x 3mm rivets

Pack 10mm x 3mm rivets

Pack 12mm x3mm Rivets

Pack12mm x 3mm nuts and bolts

Design sheet instructions x 2:

Tealight Tree, Peacock Planter



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The ultimate Practical Lite workshop package:

Take our original great value package and add a pack of 10 x 1.6mm steel (MC031)  a pack each of our 3mm rivets (MC050L, MC051L, MC052L, MC053L). A pack of 3mm x 12mm nuts and bolts (MC061L) and the Tealight Tree and  Peacock Planter instructions all for FREE and save £44.63


The Practical Lite Workshop contains the Punch/Shear and Riveting/Bending/Rolling tool that are able to work with 20mm x 3mm material, the inclusion of the Mk 1/2 Scroll Former means that it is aimed at lighter weight craft and DIY projects using 10mm x 1.6mm or 12mm x 2mm material. It is worth bearing in mind that this set’s capabilities can always be increased at a later date by the separate purchase of larger scroll formers and twisting tools.


Please note: The maximum working capacity stated is for Hot Rolled Mild Steel Bar and Annealed Bright Mild Steel Bar. Working beyond these limits or with material of greater hardness may reduce the operational life of the machines. 

Operations and Features

For a full specification of the capability of these workshop packages, please refer to the individual tool specifications.

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