Make great looking Wrought Iron Work with Collar Bar Steel

4 lengths - 14mm x 4mm x 1m Twin Raised Edge Profile Collar Bar (Black Hot Rolled Mild Steel) *FOR A LIMITED TIME 20% OFF ALL METALCRAFT STEEL WAS £9.73 NOW £7.78*

Code MCNS091

£6.49 exc VAT
£7.78 inc VAT

Operations and Features


Competitively priced steel material pack delivered to your door!

The ideal material to use for making decorative collars around your finished metalwork as shown here:

Suitable for use with Metalcraft tools (in particular see our XL5+ Power Bender Microbending Option Pack for making these collars)

Black Hot Rolled Mild Steel is more widely available and offers cost advantages but can shed scale ( metal dust ) when worked.

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