This Wrought Iron Twisting Machine is the ultimate Steel Twister

EX-DISPLAY XL Twister c/w Basket Maker *SOLD OUT*


£399.99 exc VAT
£479.99 inc VAT

140mm W x 1240mm L x 690mm Handle length (extendable upto 900mm)


Max Working Capacity*

40mm x 8mm (flat strip)

16mm (square bar)


Twist Length**

Min 2.6" (60mm)

Max 42.1" (1070mm)


SPECIAL NOTE - We have a very limited stock and are offering them with an attractive 20% discount. The tool has only ever been used as a display model and has at no point been used as a working tool, there may be slight marks on the paintwork, but are a result of handling. The tool is however fully tested and guaranteed, it comes with a full set of instructions and will be boxed as a new Metalcraft tool.



Produces stylish bulbous decorative baskets to fit 12mm and 16mm bars.
16mm (4 x 8mm x 8mm) - Basket length 175mm

12mm (4 x 6mm x 6mm) - Basket length 135mm

** Longer twists can be achieved with care by moving twisted sections through the machine and then twisting the next section


Tools are supplied complete whith operating instructions and spare parts list.


Please note: The maximum working capacity is for Hot Rolled Mild Steel Bar and Annealed Bright Mild Steel Bar.  Working beyond these limits or with material of greater hardness may reduce the operational life of the machines. 

Operations and Features

  • Straight forward to fit
  • Increases the capability of the MC009 XL Twister
  • Easy to use and produce stylish looking baskets as features for many projects

Tool still operates as the MC009 XL Twister but fitted with these special collars for holding and forming baskets out of pre-welded square or round bar clusters (two sizes).

By twisting the cluster in one direction and back the other way against a stop plate, the cluster open out into a bulbous basket. 

The power thread can be employed to make the basket even more bulbous if required.

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