Metal Clock Dials available like this large steel Grandfather Clock Face

Roman Grandfather Clockface

Code MC1406

£7.81 exc VAT
£9.37 inc VAT

260mm W x 520mm H with 8.5mm Dia centre hole x 1mm Thick (Cut out for pendulum matched with MC1242 Pendulum Movement Rod & Bob

These great laser cut clock faces enables you to compliment your metalwork.

Precision laser cut clock faces in 1 mm thick sheet steel. Supplied self colour.

These can be used with the square or round large clock back plates and is designed to work with our pendulum quartz clock movement MC1242 and clock hands (especially MC1248/MC1248G)

Operations and Features

 First select a large round or square back plate to go behind the Grandfather clock face. Then paint the back plate a contrasting colour of your choice

Then fit the quartz movement and pendulum and preferred hands to create clock. This can then be riveted into a larger ornamental framework.

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