This version of the Mk2/3 Scroll Forming Tool is also a Steel Tube Bender

Mk 2/3 Scroll Former plus Tube Bending Components

Code MC029X

150 W x 230 D x 120 H x 210 Handle Radius


Max working Capacity*

20mm x 3mm


Max scroll size*

5" (127mm)

Tube Bending Capacity*

Max tube dimensions - 10mm O/D

Recommended wall thickness - 1.2mm

Dia of tube former segment - 49.7mm

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* All sizes are approximate and in mm unless stated otherwise


The maximum scroll size quoted is approximate due to the varying temper (spring) of steel.


All tools on this page are supplied complete with operating instructions, spare parts diagram, scroll former template sheets and magnetic markers for repeatable scrolls.


Please note: The maximum working capacity is for Hot Rolled Mild Steel Bar and Annealed Bright Mild Steel Bar.  Working beyond these limits or with material of greater hardness may reduce the operational life of the machines.  

Operations and Features

  • Still operates exactly as MC029 Mk 2/3 Scroll Former but with additional capability
  • Easy To Use

Tool still operates as the MC029 Mk 2/3 Scroll Former but this package includes Tube Forming Components which fit on the pressure roller and underneath the segments.

Once end of tube fed into tube bending component, rotate handles to create bend in tube up to 180 degrees.

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