metalcraft mince pie stand

Free Design Notes For Xmas Mince Pie Stand

Code MCFREE074


Download this free PDF (A3) format set of Design Notes to help you make this simple but effective stand to display your mince pies over Christmas. The design is great for any cakes or goodies so you don't have to include the decorative Christmas stampings if you don't want to.

The Design Notes are for our regular metalcrafters who are familiar with our more comprehensive  Design Pack instruction sheets and who are ready to progress on to new projects where briefer outline instructions are sufficient. The dimensions in the notes are approximate and for guidance only. Where bend angles and rolling radii (or other information) are not specified it is assumed that the reader is experienced enough with Metalcraft tools to be able to work this out for themselves from the drawings provided.       

The notes come a drawing showing all the constituent components and guidance on how to make them and a list of all the materials you can purchase from our webstore to make them.

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