Metalcraft are really pleased to announce our new 2017 product range.

We have made some great new upgrades and developments to our tool range including the MASTER RBR MICRO BENDER which really improves the versatility of the original tool. With the Micro Bender, you now have the capability to create tighter more intricate bends great for collars and small components, and also for the first time on any metalcraft tool it has the ability to form a radius/round bend to give angles a softer feel. One other really useful feature with the Micro Bender is that is has the ability for progressive bending giving you the chance to make an array of unusual shapes.

We also have a great new addition to our Practical Punch and Shear tool-THE PRACTICAL TAPE MEASURING DEVICE . With this clever feature, you can cut or punch your steel at the measurement you want, there's no need to mark the steel just set the stop and you have accurate and consistent results every time.

We have also upgraded our PRACTICAL RBR so it is now even easier to create circles and curves with our new radius adjusting nut.

Don't forget to check out the workshop section to find some great savings on our tools when bought as a set, the new tool features are in all but one of our WORKSHOP PACKAGES

As well as those great new features, we also have a new sturdier and lower cost METALCRAFTER BENCH which can be assembled in minutes. The DESIGN PACK range has been changed and now offers you 6 new great projects for those wanting a helping hand or are just starting out with Metalcraft.

Our CANDLE ACCESSORY  range has been increased to offer you now even more choice with our new candle trays starting from as little as 55p! Metalcraft are offering something completely different for 2017 with our SILHOUETTE range, found in our back/base plates section we offer 13 new designs, these look great on brackets, as a focal point to a wrought iron gate and can be used in many other ways too. We are also offering powerful magnets ideal for attaching your silhouettes to other metalwork.

All our new features will be in our NEW CATALOGUE which will be available and mailed out this February to those who are on our catalogue mailing list. 

Finally, having held our prices the past 3 years, we unfortunately have to move some of our prices forward to cover rising costs over that time and also in the light of Britain's decision to leave the EU. In addition, over the past 3 years it has been increasingly difficult to find parcel carriers willing to handle the longer packs (5ft+) of steel we send out and as a result our post and packing charges have to be increased accordingly.

We hope you like our new features, happy Metalcrafting



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