Metalcraft tools keeping 82-year-old Kenneth busy in his retirement

Two years ago Kenneth Smith got a phone call from his daughter that opened up a whole new world for him.

His daughter had been watching the Create and Craft TV channel, which featured a demonstration by the Metalcraft team of our tools and the array of home and garden crafts and products that can be made with them.

“Dad, I think you’d like this,” she said.

Kenneth promptly switched over, and there began a hobby which has seen him making crafts and gifts for friends and family from the bedroom/workshop of his sheltered housing complex in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Kenneth, 82, has tried many of the design pack ideas since purchasing his Practical Workshop range two years ago, and he has now upgraded to a Master Workshop and added a twisting tool to his collection.

“I’ve made a huge range of Christmas gifts, from candle holders to sleighs for the family, I’ve made carriage clocks, video and DVD racks, mobile phone holders...I am busy in my bedroom, which doubles as my workshop, every day. It’s good to keep my mind active.

“I got to grips with the tools pretty quickly. Practice makes perfect, but I found them easy to operate. If I get stuck, I can usually figure it out pretty quickly.

“I’ve never had any complaints from the family and friends I give the gifts to, so I must be alright!”

Kenneth has put his newfound skills to good use, setting up his own demonstration at a nearby sheltered housing complex, and selling his wares to the audience afterwards.

He travels over to Hull regularly to purchase his materials, tools, and accessories from Metalcraft’s head office in Clough Road, Hull.

“It’s a nice day out for me to come over in person, rather than buying it on the computer,” he added.

Barry Wood, director of Metalcraft, said: “We love getting customer feedback and hearing about what our customers make.

“It’s not unusual to hear of our customers making crafts with our tools to sell for profit, but it is pretty unusual to hear that they’re making them from a workshop in the bedroom of their sheltered housing complex.

“We’re delighted to know that Kenneth is such a talented and prolific crafter, and that his family and friends enjoy receiving his gifts, it’s an inspiring tale and lovely to know that they’re bringing enjoyment to Kenneth in his retirement, and we wish him all the very best.”

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