Apprenticeship scheme puts J&CR Wood in the spotlight

Article, below, by Prospect Training, on their partnership with J%CR Wood:

J&CR Wood offer a diverse range of quality products and services including point of sales display equipment and merchandisers, Speed Shelf shelving systems for garden buildings, and their world famous Metalcraft and Shop-A-Seat ranges.

Since they became established, J&CR Wood have continued to demonstrate their support to apprenticeship schemes, by hiring staff that are currently working towards their qualifications. This is why J&CR Wood began working with us at Prospect Training.

Nick Anderson, Works Manager at J&CR Wood has been at the company for over 30 years and began his career himself as an apprentice: “We recognise the importance of hiring an apprentice and the benefits they can bring to your company. A lot of the time you can recruit new staff who are already experienced but their experience may not necessarily suit our company. By taking on an apprentice you can train them to suit the needs of your business. We also believe in giving young people an opportunity in order to develop their careers.

“Obviously there is work needed behind hiring an apprentice as you do need to provide them with support and teach them the skills they need to enable them to progress through the company, but this means you can teach them in the way that will best suit your company. 

“We decided to hire apprentices through Prospect Training as they are unique in being able to offer work trials so that you can effectively try before you buy! Through work trials you can get to know the potential staff, see their initial abilities and get to know them as a person to see whether they would fit in to your business – something that is very important when you are an SME.”

Speaking to Ryan Jordan, who is an apprentice at J&CR Wood and has just recently progressed on to his Level 3, he highlighted how the best route for him was on an apprenticeship because he wanted to gain a qualification but he didn’t want to be fixed to a classroom: “I was previously doing another course but it wasn’t right for me. I wanted something more challenging, gain a qualification and be able to earn a wage at the same time.

"Being on an apprenticeship course means I am able to learn about all areas of the company and improve personal skills such as communication and teamwork, whilst also learning about the job, and earning a wage.

“Once I have finished the course I will have gained a qualification, which will back up what I have achieved. It will then also help me progress through the company.

“I believe many young people would benefit from taking part in an apprenticeship scheme as you can get in to a job whilst you are still learning, and for me, my employer knows that I won’t know everything straight away but they provide me with the support and encouragement I need in order to achieve my goals.”

Speaking on behalf of the company, Mr Anderson confirms that Ryan is progressing well within the company: “Ryan fits in with everyone and has demonstrated competency beyond what experience he has actually had in his career so far. He has come in to the company with the right attitude as he listens to instructions given, he understands the importance of getting a job done right within particular timescales and he has demonstrated a willingness to learn. He is a valuable member of the team and we have rewarded him for his achievements to date.

“For any companies thinking of recruiting, we highly recommend taking on an apprentice. Within engineering as well you could also gain additional funding through RGF to help support the costs of employing an apprentice.”

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