Metalcraft welcomes Lord Young's proposals to help UK economy

Metalcraft has welcomed the proposal to remove the age-cap on accessing business loans to help boost the economy.

The Government’s enterprise advisor Lord Young suggested the cap on over-30s receiving business loans should be removed, in a bid to help “fire up business growth” in the UK.

Director Barry Wood gave his support to the proposals, and also to the suggestion by Lord Young to create a £30m voucher scheme to encourage firms who want advice on expansion.

Barry said: “Removing the age cap can only be a positive thing. Ninety-five per cent of businesses are in the ‘small’ category. For far too long governments have cosied up to big businesses and have neglected small businesses, yet small businesses contribute far more to the public coffers.

“There is a now a ‘waking up’ to the importance of small businesses, and we hope these proposals are voted through.”

Metalcraft, part of J&CR Wood, is responsible for helping to create a cottage industry in the UK through the selling of their huge range of hand-powered tools.

Many of their customers make products with the tools, such as garden furniture, wall clocks, planters, pot holders, and boot racks, which they go on to sell commercially.

Metalcraft produce a guide called ‘Make Your Creativity Pay’, written by Peter Mosely, who is Craft and Design magazine’s Business Editor, in which he advises on starting your own business from a hobby.

The book is £11.99 and available from Metalcraft’s webstore and via the 2013 catalogue.



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