Metalcraft joins Twitter to spread the word

Metalcraft has joined Twitter as it continues to market its range of hand-powered tools to the UK and overseas market.

The company, which was founded 50 years ago, already sees strong sales in America, Australia and Europe, and it is hoped that Twitter will help further promote the business and its range of tools and products.

Director Barry Wood is also hoping to use the social media tool to target education providers across the UK.

The tools are often used in education, as they provide a low cost and safe introduction to students working with metal, as there is no heat involved.

He said: “We know our tools are used by DIY enthusiasts and in commercial and industrial sectors. But they are also used in some schools and colleges, and we’d like to develop this sector further.

“They are perfect for school students as they’re so easy to use and safe, we’ve had great feedback from the schools who are already using them. One school set up a business selling the crafts they had made using our tools, and donated the money to charity, which was fantastic.”

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