New catalogue out on March 15!

J and CR Wood LTD, the manufacturer of hand-powered tools for ornamental and practical metalwork, has just launched their catalogue for 2013 with a brand new range of designs and accessories.

Metalcraft, based in East Yorkshire, has been supplying tools to enthusiasts and professionals for the past 50 years, and now they reach a global audience, with brisk sales in America, Australia, and across Europe.

The company’s 2013 catalogue is out on March 15, and includes the launch of strong, easy-to-assemble work benches, with a range of co-ordinating accessories.

The catalogue also features four new design pack projects to add to the 17 design kits previously introduced.

Director Barry Wood said he is confident the new designs and work benches will be a great hit with customers.

He said: “We’re very proud of the latest catalogue. We’ve introduced the new easy to assemble modular workshops benches in two sizes which can be connected to form larger benches if necessary. D&T and engineering departments like the way a set of different Metalcraft tools can be used to keep a number of students occupied at the same time. Some schools like to set up a manufacturing cell producing a range of decorative and practical end products to replicate a production environment.

"Now, with the new bench system, it's even easier with this complete and simple to set up package. We're also increasingly seeing our design packs used by schools and colleges to help students quickly produce both practical and ornamental projects. They help give a real sense of achievement and wonder to students when they actually craft steel into a finished project in minutes with their own hands.

"One of our newest design kits is a design for decorative wall art, which is taking us into the world of sculpture and the arts. If you visit our Facebook page you will see some of our regular customers make some stunning commissions."

All designs come with comprehensive instructions, and the materials and accessories to make the item, using the appropriate range of Metalcraft tools. They are all hand-powered, making the tools very safe and easy to use."

Said Barry: “People are always amazed at how easy our tools make bending, cutting, rolling, scrolling, and twisting steel bars into endless shapes for whatever design they're working on - and all at the pull of a lever without the need for heat or power."  

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