Metalcraft Users / Who Uses Metalcraft?

Metalcraft is many things to many people and is highly rewarding in more ways than one. Here are some ways our customers enjoy the benefits of Metalcraft:

DIY Metal Work / Home improvement

Metalcraft is useful around the home and garden. It’s not just for wrought iron projects. With Metalcraft you can make brackets, clips, straps, special fasteners and sort those tricky repair jobs around the house. For the garden you can make fences, gates, trellis and supports for plants and trees. You can make hooks, shelves and racking to keep your garage or shed tidy… the list is endless.

A Craft Hobby

Metalcraft is a rewarding hobby if you enjoy making things. Many of our customers are keen woodworkers and those interested in ceramics that enjoy combining metal with wood or pottery. Some of our customers have reached retirement and are simply looking for something new or different to do.

An Additional Income Generator or Business Start Up

For some, what started as a hobby has turned into an additional source of income, making bespoke wrought iron work or craft objects for sale at local outlets, car boot sales and fetes. Many adventurous customers have taken a career change and invested in a Metalcraft workshop package because is it quite literally a ‘Business in a Box’.

Education, Training and Re-habilitation

Metalcraft tools are sold extensively to schools, colleges and training centres. They offer a low cost, effective introduction to working with metal and are extremely safe because they involve no heat, welding or fumes. The tools allow students to quickly convert their design to finished hand made items, giving an instant sense of achievement.

Metalcraft is also employed in higher education, vocational studies and within youth and adult training centres. Not only does it develop metalworking and engineering skills, but it also develops business and entrepreneurial skills. Metalcraft is employed to great effect in the re-habilitation of people in a diverse range of special schools, hospitals, charitable organisations and even prisons.

Commercial Craft and Wrought Iron Making Businesses

Countless businesses around the world use Metalcraft tools in the commercial manufacture of products involving some element of wrought ironwork. Our tools are used to make large scale products such as gates, fencing, balustrades, furniture and security grilles. At the other end of the scale they are used to make smaller craft related consumer products such as house signs, lighting and many other home and garden related products.

Importantly, small businesses involved in engineering, motor repairs, maintenance and decorators are often asked if they can repair or make gates, railings etc, so Metalcraft offers an opportunity to diversify and turn a skill into an additional money making venture.

Countless Industrial Applications

Don’t be fooled into thinking Metalcraft tools are toys. On the contrary, they are extremely robust tools designed for industrial use as well as DIY. Their inherent metalworking properties make them useful for many commercial, industrial and agricultural purposes.

From fabrication work to maintenance and specific component production we have many customers who have been using our tools to cut, punch and shape metal in a diverse range of applications.

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