Customer Comments & Case Studies / Sandie Morris, Metalcraft Addict

"I was fascinated by the presentation on TV by Andy the Metalcraft demonstrator on the show - he was brilliant. Whenever, he appears on a show I record the program on Sky Plus to see how he makes different things.

In terms of other crafts in the past I have done some flower arranging and made birdfeeders and wheelbarrow planters out of wood, but I had never worked with metal before. I am 64 years old and want to stay active and keep using the old grey matter. When I saw it on TV though, I just fancied having a go so I bought the set of tools and the Starter Pack that came with it. To be honest, when it arrived, I didn't open it straight away; it was sat there for a few weeks before I set it up in my garage and started using it. I did as Andy suggested by reading the instructions but I also looked at the recording of the TV show plus the new DVD that Metalcraft have produced. I then made the three Starter Pack items which really helped me get used to the tools and then I was up and away.

I'm still only a novice but just love having a challenge and seeing the end results. I've used it also for a few DIY jobs like making repairs to my fencing which was falling down and I've also made two hanging basket brackets. However, my latest project is a 7ft high garden arch which at this time of year I have turned into a Christmas feature with lighting wrapped through it and a large snow drop decoration hanging from it. Its great because no one else in my street has anything like this. I read the information that came with the tools and I can already see a way of making an even better looking version with more scrollwork in it.

What started off as a hobby, has become like a drug as I love making things with the tools and the time flies by with me sometimes working in my garage until 2.00a.m because I'm totally hooked by it. However, now the cold weather is with us, I've moved my workshop into the conservatory and I'm looking forward to making items for my garden like the Swan Planter in the Metalcraft catalogue. My family are amazed on what I am making. My husband is involved in the painting of the finished metalwork and my grandchildren just watch in awe at how the tools shape the metal so easily - its just a matter of time before they have a go.

I'm even thinking of selling some of my items to folk at the caravan site we always go to, although to be honest its not about making money, I just love making things with Metalcraft."

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