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Below are just a selection of the comments we have received from a wide cross section of Metalcraft Users over the years and/or any pictures they have submitted. Some of our customers have sent us some fascinating stories about what they are doing with their Metalcraft tools and these can be read by clicking the links to the right.

We are looking to create a new user forum, where people can post their stories, pictures of projects they have made and exchange designs of projects with other users. Why not submit your story or design to [email protected] whith the subject User Forum Submission and help get our new user forum off the ground.

I hope these pictures come out ok, If you would like to use them on your site you may.

The first two pictures are the mock up and tack welding stages, and the third picture was the finish product and fitment of the gates, which are six feet tall by four feet wide ,each gate.

The material I used was:

25mm x 3mm flat bar for the scrolls The frame was 25mm x 25 mm x 3 mm steel. 100mm x100 mm x 3 mm steel posts to support the gates. Hinges, hardware and the scrolling tool was supplied by your company.

Let me know what you think.

R Subbaney, London

Hi Metalcraft, Enclosed are pictures of bits I have made. Maybe of interest to yourselves or others.

Ivan H, France

Dear Sir, I have been dealing with you for nearly 40 years and you probably don’t know what I use your product for.

I have made many signs and many wrought iron signs. At 74 years this will be very likely my last order as I retire soon. Thank you for all your service.

F Hookway, Holsworthy, Devon

Please find attached a photo of a clock my father, John Cannell, made based on the orange clock in the metal work catalogue. Please that note my father altered the design slightly. to match his artistic talents


C Cannell, Isle Of Man

Sorry had some troble scanning the picture in. Here is the picture of the table my husband, Jan made.

Thanks again for all you help.

Best Regards

Sandra Mayer, South Africa

I have been a Design & Technology teacher for over 30 years and I now have a workshop in my retirement in which i intend to produce craft products for sale.

ALL your products have been well used in all the many workshops I have taught in over the lifespan of your company and many many children have made brackets, etc with your equipment.

For your interest, most of these children I have taught have been 'Special Needs' in many ways. Your product is highly regarded by me as a traditional woodwork/metalwork Teacher giving disabled and those with many forms of educational special need the ability to manufacture a useful metal product for the home and garden.

J Daniels – Ilford, Essex

Dear Metalcraft, when I have been ordering mild steel etc for my wrought iron work you have expressed interest in what I do with day therapy patients at The Hospice.

Most patients can cope with the tools even when they only have the use of one hand or are wheelchair bound. The designs I have developed ensure that they achieve a very high standard so that sometimes we sell the products in the shop for a profit!

We also make plant pot stands of various heights, candle sticks, bird feeder stands and have even managed a coffee table with a glass top although I had to complete that myself - it got too complicated.

Mostly we use the 12 x 2mm strip but fitter patients have tackled the 15 x 3mm when making larger items.

They have said how much they enjoy the work because suddenly they find they can still do something, give their family quality presents and gain self esteem again which I find very moving when I work with them. Being ill makes a person lose their identity and worth in the community somehow - this helps them to get it back for a moment.

So thank you for producing these excellent tools and materials. Perhaps it will be a surprise to you to learn of how you have benefitted this group of people, I hope it will give you satisfaction.

With best wishes,

Janet R, Pembury, Kent

... look forward to receiving the twister, your kit is the best and I have been using it for years.

All the best

M Saunders, Kerpert, France

Good Quality Tools. I bought the Practical Workshop for my husband and he was over the moon at the kit for its quality and ease of use. Many thanks for your kindness and help.

P Thulborn, Grantham, Lincs

May I take the opportunity to thank you for your prompt service and for the standard of workmanship in the excellent range of Metalcraft tools.

M Buttle, Berkshire

... quality of product, excellent; instructions produced excellent results; outperforms other scrolling equipment I have.

GE Whittaker, Maryland, USA

... Congratulations on a great product.. (using thicker steel than recommended but the two scroll formers still going strong after eight years and over 5000 scrolls later)...

S Mason, Cumbria

.. Your metal forming products have met with considerable approval; … a real boost for curriculum practice...

N Warner, Education Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

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